SMYO (SyroMalabar Youth Organization)

As the young people of the Saint Thomas SyroMalabar Catholic Cathedral of Chicago USA, we recognize that our faith life and spiritual tradition is rooted in the faith experience of St. Thomas the Apostle, our father in faith. Disillusioned after the crucifixion and struggling with doubt, Thomas' encounter with the resurrected Lord marked the end of a search and the beginning of a journey. As a conversion experience that inspired generation after generation of the Malabar Coast in India, we also look to this model as the basis for our mission as an Eastern Catholic Church in North America. Within our parish community, we are called by our Lord Jesus Christ to be a renewed generation that seeks His Presence and serves His People. The mission of the SyroMalabar Youth Organization (SMYO) - is to unite all young people of St Thomas Cathedral Parish in response to the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ to live, build and contribute to vibrant, healthy and holy SyroMalabar Catholic parish life - encouraging the formation of a deep interior life that overflows into genuine service to the Church and to the world.

Young Adult Parish Council Members:
Joseph Kanikunnel
Abin Kuriakose
Austine Lakayil

SMYO Paint Ball Outing 2015

SMYO will be having their first ever paint ball outing and would like you to be there, Renting out an arena which will be super fun!

Prepare to have the time of your life !!

Recent SMYO Activities

SyroMalabar Celebration of St George Feast at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Attended by Roy Achan, our parish college students at UIC organized the celebration of Holy Qurbana for the feast of St. George. This included a solemn procession, celebration of Holy Qurbana at UIC's main chapel and dinner. Thank you to all the organizers for a very colorful feast celebration of our SyroMalabar faith.



Vicar Fr. Thomas Kadukappillil
‭+1 (908) 235-8449‬
Asst. Vicar Fr. Melvin Mangalath Paul
+1 (410) 206-2690


Brian Kuncheria
+1 (847) 708-8262
Dina Puthenpurakal
+1 (630) 777-6424
Johny Vadukumcherry
+1 (847) 293-5600
Paul Vadakara
+1 (708) 307-1122
Raji Mathew
+1 (630) 404-7200
Shenny Paul
+1 (630) 923-5956


5000 Saint Charles Rd, Bellwood, IL, USA, 60104

Phone: +1 (708) 665-5000
Phone: +1 (708) 544-7250
Fax :    +1 (708) 688-1040


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